Instagram’s marketing can produce excellent results. A Facebook IQ survey found that people use Instagram for product discovery (83%), product research (81%) and purchasing decisions (80%).

This means that whether you are a business owner, marketer or influencer, you need to be on Instagram. But the visual platform has a dynamic aesthetic and the trends in graphic design used on Instagram are constantly evolving.

If you want your visual content to be alive and current, you need to be on top of the next trends in graphic design for Instagram.

1. The “No-Edit” Edit

Changes that are too extensive are no longer popular on Instagram now. We expect only a hint of color modulation or a small change in orientation in 2020. The more real your stream is, the better it will be received.

We got a glimpse of this trend in 2019. Brands have not hesitated to publish imperfect User Generated Content (UGC). The hashtag #noedit has gained many followers. The no-edit edit trend is an effort to make social media more responsible, real and empathetic.

2. Statement Typefaces

Declaration fonts never go out of style. This year, fonts will be featured in Instagram posts and Stories. You’ll be able to see all kinds of dazzling font effects, such as rainbow/shadow, animated, cartoon, and distorted.

3. Phygital Objects

Digitally created objects, ranging from models to furniture, will be popular on Instagram. 3D enthusiasts and digital sculptors like Bat Labat and Simon Kaempfer have broken the boundaries of the physical world to create near-perfect digital images.

You can create billions of images from scratch using the right tools. This could be seen as an effort to support the sustainability of material resources.

4. Childlike Expressions

As you may have understood, rebellion seems to be the predominant trend on Instagram in 2020. A childish expression is another way of expressing yourself without restraint. You will see more doodles, splashes of color and illustrations, which are not perfect to the pixel.

Mr. Doodle, or Sam Cox, is one of the first to adopt this trend. He calls himself an “obsessive-compulsive draftsman” and his Instagram account has 2.4 million followers. His diet is filled with artistic doodles, pencil drawings, and murals.

5. Digital Collage

The collages will become more nervous and rustic this year. We will see cut-outs, artistic typography, monochrome and retro superimpositions. There will be a good mix of images, video clips, emojis, and stickers to give a scrapbook effect. Analog textures will dominate.